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How to distinguish between genuine and fake Louis Vuitton

NO.1 Smell the air, authentic LV will emit a natural leather aroma with a hint of grassland pine trees. Imitation products often have a sticky, damp, and pungent taste.
NO.2 Check hot stamping
There will be hot stamping on the internal leather label of LV, and the font of these lines is a unique font specially developed by LV, independent of the Word font world.

  1. The horizontal line of the letter L must be very short;
  2. The letter “O” represents a concentric circle (excluding medieval bags: due to the long history of many medieval bags and changes in identification methods, this method cannot be used to identify old bags);
  3. The letter “V” has a pointed bottom;
  4. The letter “N” has sharp ends and a large span of the middle slash;
  5. The slash of the letter “R” in “PARIS” extends from the corner.
    NO.3 Look at hardware logo engraving
    Authentic grooves are polished smooth, finely crafted, and have a full texture.
    The internal grooves of the imitation have a clear graininess, and the color of the gold plating layer on the grooves turns white.
    NO.4 Check the texture
    The surface of true presbyopia appears to be irregular small bubbles with clear patterns and a textured feel when touched, and the patterns are a blend of coffee and other colors.
    The surface texture of the imitation LV is light and lacks strong three-dimensional sense. The leather is too hard or too soft, and it feels relatively flat and smooth to the touch. Moreover, the surface color of the imitation is either too yellow or slightly coffee colored.
    NO.5 Check the wiring
    The genuine LV car thread is made of highly elastic fibers, commonly known as wax hemp thread, which is wear-resistant and long-lasting, and clearly presents a willow shaped pattern,
    The imitation car line used is just a regular car line
    NO.6 Check the process of bag bottom nails
    The genuine letter “O” looks more like a square, and the color of the bottom groove is golden yellow, just like the surface.
    The subtitle “O” for the imitation is oval shaped
    NO.7 Check the zipper
    Authentic LV hardware presents a dull yellow color, with LV standard three-dimensional design. Even for very small rivets, each engraving on them is of uniform thickness, with a three-dimensional and frosted edge, and the depth is completely consistent.
    NO.8 Check the shape of the screw
    NO.9 Check the lining
    The inner lining of the authentic LV bag is made of cotton and linen material, which has a good hand feel, clear printing, and no excess threads.
    NO.10 Check the leather label code
    There will be hidden numbers at the edge leather seams, which indicate the manufacturing location and date of the bag. Since 2006, all LV leather label codes have been composed of 2 English letters and 4 digits, representing the place of origin and date of production, respectively; The first and third digits represent the week, while the second and fourth digits represent the year of production.
    For example, in the picture, the code MB0188, MB=France, 0188=the eighth week of 2018
    But starting from March 2021, the LV brand began using chip scanning to identify information.

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